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Exquisitetaste of PRO.BIO apples

natu+ premium is a natural and tasty way to take care of a healthy and well-being of loved ones. Perfectly served both during elegant lunches and dinners, as well as feasts with family or friends, and in a small bottle it will be a source of delicious sweetness and refreshment at work or school.

natu+ premium makes an impression with it`s unique fragrances and flavors. Pressed from ripe, dessert class apples, it serves you with a tasty, juicy fruit and large dose of natural sweetness, balanced with refreshing acidity.

Highpro health value

natu+ premium is cold pressed from apples grown in accordance with the PRO.BIO methodology, which has enormous impact on the nutritional value, including the content of biologically active compounds in fruit and juice.

DiscoverPRO.BIO food

Under the supervision and with the support of the “I’m PRO.BIO Foundation”
we promote natural, environmentally friendly methods of growing fruits and vegetables, with extraordinary nutritional properties and health proven values.

The key feature of PRO.BIO cultivation method is restoring proper microbial balance in soil, among others through the use of rich organic matter that increases the level of humus, and the use of beneficial microorganisms technologies.